my heart goes on

Scott and I have stepped down–albeit slowly– from a ministry we started. It has been painful obedience. There was a point where God made it clear that we have other areas in which He would have us serve.

We considered this ministry to be ours. Like a baby. We prayed, read books and articles and blogs, discussed it, devoted years of time and energy, shed tears, experienced broken then healed relationships over this ministry. Needless to say, it has been So hard to let it go!! But, when God gives clear direction, He expects clear obedience.

So with all the enthusiasm of ripping off duct tape, we started slowly backing away. Want to know what the hardest part has been? Relinquishing control to someone else. See the fact is the ministry will go on. Wow…now that is humbling.

How arrogant to think the ministry only flourished because of us. As if we were what it was all about. Oh, God thank you for the conviction that I was prideful in this. I’ve spent time tearfully repenting of that attitude.  I pray my heart is guarded against that.


Trust me, He has a way if keeping my knees to the ground and my motives constantly in check. I’m thankful for the ongoing discipline. Yes, even when I feel foolish for that sinful attitude–I’m thankful. It means He’s still working.

What are your thoughts?

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