‘Twas the night before training

‘Twas the night before training, when all through my neglected house
The VBS director was stirring not being a louse!
The decorations are hung in my room with care
In hopes that lots of teachers would soon be there;
Drew and Abby are nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Jeff Slaughter fill their heads!
And Scott in his Dr. Pepper PJs–his dirty clothes in a heap,
has just slid into bed for some much needed sleep,
While out in the garage I made so much racket,
I sprung to my car with more stuff to pack it!
Inside then out I ran like a flash
I swung open the trunk and loaded the VBS stash.
The wind and rain on the  freshly watered street
Gave a luster to the ‘hood of freshly poured concrete,
When what to my scatter-brained heart should appear,
But a great big God.  He is so dear!
You know, He sent His only begotten Son
Who died for me before my life had begun.
More rapid than eagles my knees hit the ground
Thanking Him whose grace doth abound.
My eyes–how they twinkle! My thoughts oh so merry!
Now my heart is filling with joy, oh so very.
As I’m reminded why I do this,
It’ all comes back to Jesus!
Out of the the tomb he rose, He sprang from the grave
All who Admit, Believe, and Confess He’ll save.
So now I exclaim, before I turn out the light.
Happy training to all, and to all a good night.Unknown-1

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