VBS and rainbows

What a storm tonight! When the rain finally passed, Melanie arrived with Hannah and the boys. As she lives out of state, me and two other friends will be keeping them for the week.

We all met out front a the church and stood around chatting for a few minutes. God was really showing off, the sun painted the clouds in colorful streaks. We even saw several rainbows. Pink ones.

I snapped this photo of Melanie and our daughters. They were pointing up at one of the rainbows. God’s artistry on display, reminding me of His promises. It was a God-STOP. It was a time where I could ‘Savor The Observable Presence’.

20130609-233009.jpgAs we end VBS eve looking up to the heavens, I pray we would spend every moment of the week looking for His presence. In the face of a child who hears the gospel and really understands Christ’s love for the first time. Perhaps I will see it in my family when they extend grace to me if the pressure gets to be too much.

I’m sure I’ll see God’s Spirit moving in the volunteers. As they become the hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you Lord, for allowing me to serve You, the VBS workers, and the children of our community through VBS. It is only by Your Power this happens. May You receive all glory, honor and praise!

In Jesus name

What are your thoughts?

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