Shutters. An obsession.

When you find something you like (and it’s super affordable at a rummage sale!) I say go with it! I picked all 8 of these out of warehouse in Midtown for under $25. Suhhh-weeet!

The light from this window: S’wonderful! The unobstructed views: S’not so much. Seriously: no frosted glass, just clear views into our bathroom. Awesome. My solution: Shutters. I kinda love it now.
shutters fireplace
These small shutters (2’ish tall) sit on my mantle. I can decorate all seasons around it. Pretty, pretty. Yes. So pretty, I say it twice.
shutters kit
This one, I don’t so much know what I want to do with it. So, now it sits on a shelf above the buffet in the kitchen. Last Christmas, I hung cards on it. Festive!
shutters sunroom
These shutters are in the sunroom (AKA paint studio). Even with the middle slats missing, it has charm!
christmas joy
Same shutters (and metal tin!) as above all decked out with their Christmas outfit. Ready for a par-tay.

Hello. My name is Kelley and I’m a shutteraholic.  What about you? What do you use repeatedly in your decor?

What are your thoughts?

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