The beach is bodacious.


But, at the end of the week we are loading up and heading home.

Back to life, back to reality (all you 90s music fans, sing with me!) There will be a mound of mail, lots of laundry, and meals to make. Homeschooling will start back up with Algebra 2, Chemistry, and the Napoleonic Wars. My aging parents will need errands run and have doctor visits. Lots of ‘stuff’ to do. Stuff can be stressful. It’s hard to think about when I have a full day of  toes in the sand and a good book, but. . . yeah stuff can be stressful.

When at home, I de-stress in different ways: painting, reading, music. . . . But, you know what? The most effective, enjoyable way is spending time in Bible study and prayer.  Next Wednesday, Sept. 11th at 6:30pm, my sweet friend and sometimes teacher, Lisa Burgess and I are beginning a new Bible Study  called Desperate, Seeking Simplicity Finding the Cross by Cindi Wood.

In the introduction, she asks, “Are you desperate to make your life more manageable?”

Ha. If I want to schedule a quick lunch with a girlfriend, we can’t do it with out consulting our iPhones. And Book Club – it almost always gets rescheduled because one of us hasn’t had time to read the book or a child has an event or someone is out of town. I am an organized person– I have apps and calendars and all sorts of ‘management’ tools.  Y’all I’m a ‘stay-at-home mom’.  The first chapter of this book is “My Life’s Driving Me Crazy”.  I think there’ll be lots of ladies like me that NEED this study.  I hope some of you will join us.

My family and I will head back the here and now on Saturday.

Until then: I’ll be here:


What are your thoughts?

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