Worth the Work

I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Lana last month during a furniture renewal class.  She is so full of energy and ideas.  This was her first “big” project to tackle:


Lana says: “I really like it! Got very impatient though. Ha! I know now why pieces in antique, and little boutique shops cost so much. Ha!  But it’s neat to see the finished product and a nice accomplished feeling.”

The classes I offer don’t teach you any wave-your-wand-magic tricks.

Unfortunately.  Cuz, can you imagine? I could maybe sell some furniture. Maybe people would read this blog?  Wonder if  Southern Living would put some of my stuff in one of their idea homes? Perhaps a  late night talk show appearance?  I guess I’d need an agent.  Have your people contact my people.  Hair flip.  (See, that’s funny because my hair is so short. Probably not funny now since I had to explain it.)

Mmmkay. Well, as it stands.  None of those things is happening.  Renewing furniture is a process. The ‘chalked paint’ is considerably easier than stripping, sanding, etc.  But it does take time.  As daddy always said, “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” I agree. And this, is so worth it!

Do you agree?  What is something hard you’ve had to do that paid off?

What are your thoughts?

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