The best compliment I ever received

Hello, my name is Kelley Taylor and I’m a VBS junkie. I dream and plan all year for the extravaganza.   (It’s worth it!)

Well, I have earned a reputation for my obsession.  And now the ultimate flattery:

This is one of my precious  friends: Kathleen Tennant.  She dressed as me for the 2011 Harvest Festival!  Can you believe it!!

She started out the evening with this year’s ‘I heart VBS’ shirt, and had the past year’s layered underneath. By the time these photos were taken, she had gone down to ‘Game Day Central’. I also saw ‘Unshakeable’ from ‘Outrigger Island’, and even a ‘Ramblin Road Trip’! BRILLIANT!!
That  lanyard, we ordered YEARS ago!  Her earrings: a beautiful, hand-made, must-have accessory!  The hat–the height of fashion!!

In true VBS style, I must give glory to God for this ministry.  Praise Him for allowing me, a sinner saved by Grace, to be a part of leading children and their families to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I feel a song coming on….

What are your thoughts?

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