DIY Signs

MOPS ladies

I had a grand time Friday with a group of ladies known as Tipton County MOPS.

measureAfter measuring and cutting the wood, I use my electric sander to smooth the rough edges.


Next, a little paint wash if I feel the inkling. Sometimes I just use bare wood. But I like to see the wood grain show through, so a lot of water and a little paint achieve a beautiful finish.

I know everyone doesn’t have perfect spacial relation. I can’t load the dishwasher properly or choose the right size container for leftovers. Nor does everyone have beautiful handwriting. Both of these are issues when lettering signs. My solution? Print off a design, then use a pencil to transfer the design. Simply scribble the back of the printed design.

pencil transfer


Then, flip over the paper, center it on the wood, and use a pen to transfer the letters.

pen transfer


Next, I use a paint pen to fill them in.

paint pen

The result, a beautiful sign!

MOPS signs

What are your thoughts?

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