no more cynicism

Jesus didn’t weigh the pros and cons of extending grace.
Why do I? No more. It’s time for extravagant grace.

 The thought process that brought me to say (type) that on the interwebs this morning: I was dwelling on a friend who said ‘sorry’. In my mind that was exactly what I did.  I put ‘sorry’ in quotes. As if it were up to me to decide if repentance is real.

Christ didn’t put my life in a balance to see if the ‘good’ in me was worth it. He didn’t check to see if this world was worthy of His sacrifice. He knew it was. Our Creator loves us that much. HE MAKES US WORTHY. How can You be so good, Lord?


Being cynical about redemption is an all too common disease.  Can we combat it with hope? An inoculation of extravagant grace. The Great Physician would agree (Mark 7:6-7). It’s this socially acceptable doubt accepted by believers. I criticize. We joke. Conversations drip with sarcasm. I put air quotes around proffered apologies (even if its just in my mind). We cast stones (giant word-sized boulders). God, forgive me.

When did I become so cynical?


Was it the when a believer I looked up to slipped back into an old sin? Was it because I believed a lie? An unmet expectation becomes a slippery slope. A critical attitude gone too far. One decision at a time to believe a lie rather than the Truth. Is this what Christ meant when he talked about the faith of a child? (Luke 18)

There is nothing attractive about doubting the power of Christ to redeem. More than unattractive, it is anti-gospel. Cynicism tells an unbeliever there isn’t enough grace. WHAT? It says to the believer, you are are too far gone to come back.

 I withhold grace because of some sense of self-preservation. I think if I forgive then I’ll be hurt. Fear. Is it safer to be a skeptic? Where is eternity in that perspective?  What am I protecting by gripping tightly to reluctance? Christ is my life (Colossians 3:4). He laid His down. And calls me to do the same.Luke 9

I’m sure some will read this and think it foolishness. Some may choose to remain cynical about my  ‘idealistic view’. I extend grace to you. I pray your heart would be made tender in the face of grace. My habit has been to have a revelation and forget it, so in a year (or a day, a week) I may look back  and think myself silly. I hope not. Today I choose to let go.  I’m believing in hope. It’s time for extravagant grace.

What are your thoughts?

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