Hat tip: Couponers

I’m in awe of couponers.

I have mad respect for you. Those of you that really know how to work the system with multiple orders, more than one basket (eye twinkle at you, Michelle) for your buy 5 save $5 mega event items. I’m googly-eyed at those who work the apps, meal plans, print-at-home coupons, loyalty memberships, punch cards, and whatever new fangled technology you use.

I can’t do it. Can. Not. Do. It. Oh, I’ve totally tried. I even have proof in the form of a binder divided by food type/aisle. But the time, the clipping, the collating…. Even now, thinking about it, the edges of my vision go blurry. It’s not you. It’s me. It’s because my mind is. . .


What were we talking about?

Ah, yes. Couponing. It’s a verb. It’s action. I’ve checked out behind you and hung my head in shame as the clerk loudly announces how much money you saved. You. Rock.Screenshot 2014-08-18 14.54.50

Now, that I’ve said that: may I suggest a separate line for those of us that don’t play the game? Stores have the 10 items or less line. Great, love the convenience! How about a 5 coupons or less line? Cuz, there are some of us who want to zip in and out with 11 items and 0 coupons. (Interesting note, we also don’t like to push baskets. Some of it is arrogance, some is an inability to PUSH the basket at the same time/speed as walking-I have lost entire toenails to this). So, yeah – can we? And *not* have the clerk announce how much money as saved. Cuz that little tidbit of shame is PRINTED on the receipt.

Post over – I gotta go get stuff for dinner I forgot when I was there TWO DAYS AGO and a follow-up quick trip YESTERDAY for an ice cream party. *Sigh.

What about you? Do you coupon or are you a domestic failure like me?

What are your thoughts?

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