Names, Labels, Identities

When Jesus looked at the adulterous woman, he didn’t see ‘an adulterous woman’. He knows her name. He doesn’t identify her by her sin.

When Jesus looks at me, He knows my name. He doesn’t identify me by my sin.

You know, we are the ones that do that. Label people by their sin.
“Oh, him,” we say “He’s an alcoholic. Her? She’s an addict. Bless her heart.”

What a joy it is to know we aren’t known to God like that.

What if followers of Christ saw people the way He does? Let’s look at others as people of great worth. Such high worth He died for them.

If we looked at people like that, we wouldn’t see their sin. We’d have hope for them. We’d know Christ longs to redeem them. Wouldn’t we easily share His love with them? Rather than condemn?

As for me, I’m asking The Lord to help me see people as He does. Not their sin. I’m thanking Him that He doesn’t see me for what I’ve done. Oh, praise Him!

I feel a song coming on….


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