Simple, Southern, Fall Celebration

We threw a party at the house last night! We were commemorating 25 years of marriage for some of our dearest friends, Bill & Michelle. Against all odds and in the face of extreme adversity, their union has lasted to the glory of God. You better believe that is worth celebrating!
We know so many couples that haven’t made it, so many broken people. What’s the difference? The Lord! He longs to redeem. We are going to honor His work in their lives, and many of our guest’s lives. If you are struggling and dealing with a hard relationship: I beg you to surrender it to Jesus. I have seen Him heal hurts and make gaping soul wounds whole. Find the joy that Christ offers and swim in His grace. Then have a party to celebrate and tell me about it!!happy couple


Let me tell you about the (EASY) decorations!candles on altar 5One the little table Scott built, just under the medallion I painted, we covered with a strip of burlap, filled jars with candles, elevated a few on iron stands and added some flowers. SIMPLE. Beautiful.

candles on altar 4candles on altar 3candles on altar 2candles on altar 1flowers on altarpatio 1Wouldn’t you agree? Gorgeous! It was a VERY CHILLY night. BUT, the couple wanted to hold the ceremony outside, so we improvised. Blankets to snuggle for everyone!

patio with blankets 2patio with blankets


We had plenty of light for everyone to see the renewed vows. After the ceremony, we cleared most of the chairs, added the pallet sofa and lit fire pits. So, of course, we had to have s’mores. There were SEVERAL grown adults who have NEVER had s’mores. WHAT? They’ve been inducted into the awesomeness that IS meltedy marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers.smores bar 1

marshmallow boquet


For dinner, several of our friends brought chili (including a delicious meatless chili), and taco soup in crock pots. To give a cohesive look to the table, we wrapped the pots with burlap and tied with gold ribbon. We added plates of crackers and chips, and bowls of cheese and sour cream. A delicious, warm meal for our guests dinner table 2Melissa, my co-hostess, and I scored FORTY linen napkin at a discount store, tied those with gold and white ribbon and piled them in a basket. The centerpiece was tulle, lights, and flowers in mason jars. To add a seasonal touch, we added gourds and mini pumpkins. SIMPLE. Beautiful!dinner table

abby in sunroom


For the dessert table: PIES. Apple, pumpkin, cherry, chocolate silk, key lime, and for the non-pie fan spiced pumpkin cupcakes.dessert table 1


dessert bar 2The centerpiece here: funky gourds, flowers in a mason jar, and chunky candle sticks. The BODACIOUS chargers were stacked to give height to the table.

We originally planned to host the entire event in the backyard. We wanted to have a huge, long table, and enjoy a sit-down meal. But the cold snap meant we had to be flexible. SO, we used disposable dishes and ate with bowls in our laps. Our sweet friends didn’t complain a bit.

beautiful people


Morrow (left) arranged the flowers for us, made Michelle’s bouquet, and Bill’s boutonnière. Erin (right) coordinated the *surprise* gift from us all: an overnight stay at the Westin in downtown Memphis and a cash gift offering. the bride and boquetbosom sistahsHere we are, the bosom sisters. Melissa (left) was my co-hostess with the hostess. She and I had SUCH a great time planning for this celebration. May God get all the glory for the continued work of redemption in our lives!







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