Nashville Thanksgiving 2014

Praise God for our new sister in Christ!! This is a sweet answer to prayer. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

I’m so excited to share with you photos from our Thanksgiving in Nashville. We went up early on Wednesday because my baby sister was baptized.

Then we went to Arnold’s for some ‘stomach stretching’ home cookin and visited some local music shops. My favorite guitar player even came home with a new acoustic.

guitar man-02


Then it was cooking and games and giggles with family.

Abby, my daughter, John, my nephew, and Sadie, the princess.



My sister’s home is beautiful, and she once again graciously hosted our Thanksgiving meal. BONUS: she and I got to table scape in her gorgeous dining room.

thanksgiving-04 Isn’t this room just perfect for a Thanksgiving feast? The table seats 10 very comfortably. Those orange walls and that big gold mirror over the buffet: cozy and glamorous!
No photo will do justice to her buffet. It’s old. It’s heavy. It’s blue. Dreamy! This was the perfect spot for a few of the dozens of pumpkins I brought up from home. We had so many left over from the party a few weeks ago. And, check out that coconut cake. My baby girl made that 7-minute icing. It’s tasted better than it looked!



This table cloth? It’s PAPER. Brandy ordered it from Amazon and got 2 rolls to be ‘safe’. Yeah. She could paper her entire house 5 times and have left overs. WHY didn’t I bring any home?
Since we served buffet style, I drew ‘chargers’ at each place setting. All with different notes of gratitude.
Since we served nearly 20, we used an eclectic mix of napkins. It TOTALLY works!
I had tons of tiny pumpkins and gourds left over, too. So we scattered them on big chunky gold beaded placemats right down the center of the table. Paired with fresh flowers tucked in blue mason jars: it was a cornucopia of goodness.


A kids table? When it’s this cute adults sit there too.
Brandy, you and I make a great team!




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