No, no. He’s MY favorite author.

Scott and I started Financial Peace University this past Sunday. We are totally excited, working our budget and baby steps. Boom!

BUT That’s not what this post is about. It’s about Jon Acuff. He’s one of my favorite writers. I’ve been reading his blog(s), books, tweets, Instagram, FaceBook for a while now. Gosh I sound like a stalker. BECAUSE I KINDA AM.

Well, guess who is on the very first FPU DVD? Jon Acuff! Does anyone else ever feel some sort of proprietary friendship with authors? Especially those that have been reading/following their careers for a long time. When Jon was introduced on the stage at the end, I felt this kind of “I know HIM!” thing. Like Buddy when he hears Santa is coming. Even though, yeah. I don’t really know him. I read him and quote him a lot. But, ya know?



I’ll slink back over to my stalker corner.

You should read Jon’s stuff. It’s good. (You see what I did there? First name basis stuff.) and

What are your thoughts?

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