High stakes, big risk, costly worship

Oh, the diversity of my attitude when it comes to Christ. I’m arrogant enough to hand Him my plans and ask Him to work it out. I’m also so inferior I don’t want to bother Him with the minor details of my life. One thing that never varies: God has shown me infinite mercy. All these feelings can overwhelm a body.

Scott and I are extreme back row baptists. So far back, we sit in the media booth. One of our praise team singers, Lisa, has remarked twice recently, and others have over the years, about the obvious emotion I feel during public worship services. Part of that is my obnoxious personality (can’t help myself). But most of it comes from a realization of what Jesus has done for me.

Sometimes I’m lip-trembling-tears-pouring-hands-raised-high emotional, but I reign it in for fear of disturbing others or embarrassing myself. Those same reasons, and to avoid hurt, have caused me to try shutting my emotions off completely. I’ll bet I’m not alone. Jesus knows us and He still pursues us. He’s after our hearts. He won’t settle for less than our whole lives. It’s risky.

Do we think there is nothing on the line because we aren’t persecuted in this country? Is it possible we all hold too low an opinion of the grace poured out on us? Is it possible, this side of heaven, I’ll ever wrap my head around all He bore for me on the cross?

Perhaps when we forgive we get the best glimpse of the person and work of Christ. It costs us something to forgive. We let go of the desire for retribution. We give up fairness. We treat others as more important than ourselves. We become like Christ.

This weekend we’ll celebrate the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of Him. To come to His table is to seek Him and accept His love. We are invited not because of our willingness to be emotional. Certainly He doesn’t ask us to come because of anything good we have done. We’re invited because of His unending mercy.

The promises of our Redeemer have not failed. Let’s abandon ourselves to Him in private worship so that going deeper in public worship is an overflow.

High stakes, big risk, costly worship.
Kick off your shoes, this is Holy ground.–> “If His grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.” Let’s run down the pier and jump in!

What are your thoughts?

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