More life

When we rest we are restored. 
In our ‘more’ culture, {have more} {accomplish more} we push ourselves and each other to GO, DO, & BE…more.
Mommas, we do it to our kids. Ballet, soccer, art, baseball, music…fit it all in between backseat meals and delicately coordinated calendars. Is our only legacy one of a fear? Fear of missing out on this trip or that party. In striving to create the perfect memory we just make a mess.
Friends, we do it to each other. We compete in games of who has the best fashion/home/body/family. We learn how to play on Pinterest then submit our own overly edited photos and wait for the judges to declare a winner. Who has the most fans/likes/followers? The results are in…no one wins. The leaders are rather ~secretly~ only hated for their staged, fake appearance.                                        
The More life is found in the Life-Giver. The One who gives abundantly has more for you. What if we fashion ourselves, our families, and our homes to look more like the One who lived perfectly with no filters? When we lay down our burdens, and cast aside the competitive desire to go/be/do more we find REST. Real rest in the unforced rhythms of grace.                  
There is RESToration when we cuddle up with the Word more than the world. I challenge you to quit pushing and competing. Invite Jesus into the messy, busy parts of your life. Don’t expect Him to come in and leave things unchanged. He’ll probably ask you to say NO to something. Lean in close while I whisper something in your ear…it’s worth it.

What are your thoughts?

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