a new school year brings new worries for parents

Mommas and Daddies, some of you are celebrating. Many of you are feeling uneasy. Whether it’s preschool, high school, homeschool, or new school… it can worry your heart.


If I were to ask you the reason for your concern your answer would probably begin like this: “I’m afraid that…”.
“I’m afraid that she won’t like her teacher.”(Yes, even homeschool mommas have misgivings about the teacher.)
“I’m afraid that they won’t challenge her enough.”
“I’m afraid that she’ll get bullied. (Yes, they are our babies even when they are in high school.)
“I’m afraid that he won’t behave.”
Afraid. Afraid. Afraid.

Lean in close while I tell you a secret. . .
as much as you love your babies, there is One who loves them more.
You. Do. Not. Have. To. Live. In. Fear.

Here’s the deal. . . I want to pray for you.

Some of you don’t share my beliefs about God and Jesus. I still want to pray for you. I’m offering this because I have deep compassion on your anxious heart. I am confident in the power of prayer. I’ve seen what it has done in my life and those of my loved ones.

If you want prayer, simply ‘like’ this and I will pray.

Those of you that share my beliefs, will you “come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need?” If you’ll join me in praying for those that are anxious about the upcoming year, will you leave a comment?peace-01

What are your thoughts?

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