Unplanned Parenthood

When I was 19 I was unwed and pregnant. As a young college student, I was totally unprepared to be a wife or a mom. So, of course I started calling around to see where I could get an abortion. Cheap, quick, and without any family knowing. I had Big Plans! Life Adventures! Neither a husband nor a baby were part of the plans for at least another 10 years. 
The night Scott and I found the two pink lines was not one filled with joy and celebrating. More like fear and cussing. 
After some discussion: 

“I love you”

“I love you too.”

“We could get married.”

“If my parents don’t kill you. Then me.”



“Let’s do it.”

We decided to keep The Baby. 
January: Our lovely, if hastily planned, wedding surrounded by warnings that we had, “A long row to hoe.” (Is that just a Southern thang? I hate that statement, even if it is true.)
July: Drew is born in a raging storm, surrounded by a few people counting to less than 9 months. Yay! Cause you know, the first year of marriage is Just. So. Easy. 
Fast forward 15 months: Pregnant. Again. My mom asked, “Don’t you know how that happens?” I’ve always been able to count on her honest support. Cause, you know, being newlyweds and having a toddler… It Just. Wasn’t. Enough. 
Soon after that, we became followers of Jesus. What sweet grace that He took us right in the middle of our big ole mess!  
Well, let’s fast forward a decade and a half. My two ‘oopsie babies’ just had birthdays, they are now 17 & 15. What a different world it would be without them! Our lives have been filled with Big Unplanned Adventures! More joy than I can handle on my own. I guess it’s a good thing there are four of us! I’m forever thankful for my unplanned parenthood. 


What are your thoughts?

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