We CAN Welcome Refugees

Did you see and get freaked out by the video about that ridiculous fight at the Delta Fair? How about take a minute and get some perspective?

In Memphis, TN people are fighting about a ride at a fair.
What. The. What.

Meanwhile a tiny dingy in the Mediterranean sea full of men, women and children DESPERATELY running for THEIR LIVES were set adrift in the open sea as men dressed in black pointed guns at them and then cut the fuel supply to their motors.

Here’s the deal: some of us are totally freaked out by the fight. Because it’s close to home. It threatens our happiness. It is an encroachment on our peace.

But we aren’t PROFOUNDLY MOVED by the refugee crisis. Because it’s on the other side of the world. The other side of this global community where E L E V E N MILLION people are running for their lives.rv1BIw0tSKi0xLtGrpR0_TE3_0185-1

Meanwhile, we’re all concerned about beauty pageants, new iPhones, and fantasy football. Because all these shiny distractions keep our heads turned. Then we don’t have to look into the eyes of families. Torn apart. Politicians use our fear to keep refugees out. That makes it easy for us to keep turning away…shaking our heads.

Believer, don’t believe thet lie. Disciple of Christ, don’t you see? Can’t you understand? These people are so desperate. As Ann Voskamp says: “How can we not move heaven and earth to let the broken in —when heaven moved and came to earth to let us in?”
Can we just keep saying it’s all too much. How dare we say there is nothing I can do? ‘Lil ole me?

There is something we CAN do. We CAN welcome refugees.

What are your thoughts?

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