Get Real: Pastor Appreciation

Some of my best friends are pastors. My son has a calling on his life to ministry. Now that October is over and lots of church members have expressed appreciation to our pastors, how about we dare to put some feet to that gratitude?

Something real. Tangible. Make a difference.

Hold up. Is this girl about to ask for money? Nope. I totally think we can do something *better*.  We can JOIN them in the work.

I’m not talking about preaching sermons or leading worship or even inviting someone to listen to a pastor. I’m not asking you to roll up your sleeves and go to Haiti. This isn’t about leading or hosting a small group Bible study. Pastors ask us to volunteer for events, and make donations to the Christmas drive. Those things are great. They are important. If you are doing them, I’m not advocating for you to stop.

Here’s what you can do: take someone with you.
Are reading through the book of Colossians or teaching 4 year olds about Joshua, bring someone with you as you go. Get over the awkwardness. Ask two or three people to do those things with you. Stay in their lives for a six months or a year. Wade into the messiness, open your home, share a meal.

Inviting someone to church so they can hear a sermon or song isn’t enough. Your pastors are living their whole lives centered around the One who redeems. Join them in being light bearers. If you want to thank your pastors, be a person who wins others to Christ then take them along with you and teach them to be a mature follower who does the same thing.

Make disciples. Because Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Get Real: Pastor Appreciation

    1. KT says:

      Maybe I should edit and say “If we really want to appreciate pastors AND their families…”. What an incredible call of sacrifice. Thank you.

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