Friday: Feast On Grace

Whew. We made it.

Friday at last. It has SO not been a sunshine and daisies kind of week. Anyone else?


Hmmm, actually it’s kinda been a wearying year. I’ve been overwhelmed. Cause being a grown-up is just so easy all the time. Right.

There’s been plenty of wondering: “Is it worth it?” All the responsibility, the selflessness, the extra measures of grace poured out, the difficult situations (read-difficult people), and the don’t-know-what-to-pray-prayers…all these burdens and groaning for what?

Why do this?

Yeah, I ‘know the answer’. But I don’t always KNOW know the answer. You know? In summary: I’ve had occasion to lose perspective. Especially when it comes to ministry.

alejandroescamilla-tenedoresThis week, at long last I got to see some abundantly-more-answers. Lord knows, they came at just the right time. Check this out–> The God we serve PURSUES us. He’s a shepherd that leaves a flock to scoop the wayward sheep up on his shoulder, the one who turns a house upside down looking for a lost coin, the Father who runs to the wayward child. Then, He throws a party. There’s rejoicing and happiness and celebrating. He saves me a spot at the table and serves up a big ‘ole plate of mercy. Mmm, hmm.

Yeah, I still have some questions, and battles that haven’t been won. But I’ve got my napkin tucked and I’m digging in. When the feast is over and I return to the field and I’ll do it with a fullness of joy.

How about you? Could you use a wallop of grace?

I hope you see some answers soon.  If you’re due for a reminder, pull up a chair and join the party.


What are your thoughts?

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