Fix Your Face


You having a busy week? We have something going on every night plus trying to squeeze in lots of to-dos during the day. Pile on top of that some other seasonal stressors like illness, finals, and oh so many unmet expectations. That equals short tempers and frowns.

A few weeks ago I was chatting with some friends about those frowns. They are everywhere. People driving their kids to rehearsal, going to work, picking up laundry, buying gifts. Every single one of those errands a blessing we miss: we have children, jobs, clothes, loved ones.

If you are so frowny, how about saying ‘no’ to something that is overburdening your schedule. Be bold and miss out on something. Sit on your patio and watch the cardinals flit around the yard. Don’t try to out-do each other on giving gifts. Skip a party. Good grief fix your face: put a smile on it.32835_Keeping_track_of_time.jpg

What are your thoughts?

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