My Best Parenting Advice

I give this little nugget of advice to my kids all the time.  I thought I’d share with you.

 Well, it’s my most frequent, if not my “best” parenting advice. It fits nearly every situation and even has some other totally useable variations:

  • Does your toddler have a ‘different understanding’ of bedtime? Dude, chill.
  • Public tantrums? Dude! Chill.
  • Overwhelmed with school/work/chores/? Dude Chill.
  • Got a rowdy group at a restaurant? Chill thyself. (This variation from my skilled friends Mike & Jana, parents of 5!)
  • Got a teenage daughter with ‘nothing to wear’? Dudette, chill.
  • *A surly/sassy attitude. “Life is so unfair!” Dude, you bettah straight up chill.
  • **And for your spouse when they are whigging out about some parental issue? Dude. Chill.

*This instance is best with a quieter-than-normal time of voice and accompanied with a little crazy eye. It suggests “you just don’t even want to go there.”

**Fair warning, they will likely turn your ‘advice’ back in you. It’s all fun and games until a kid uses it on you. Parenting is always just so fun and easy.

Seriously, this is my ‘opener’ for nearly all parenting situation. So, what about you? What do advice find yourself saying to your kids most often?

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