What God Wants

Get your head around this nugget: God wants something. The Creator of the universe has longings. He speaks magnificence into existence, yet He yearns.

His words unfurl the fragrant folds of delicate petals. It is His tune for which iridescent jelly dances weightless on tentacled legs under the sea. Starlings fill the sky with complicated  choreography. These murmurations all together and each individual dizzy with delight in Him. Bucks bow heavy antlers as they graze in the warmth of light seeping through a lace canopy. Those squatty oaks stretch their mighty arms high in praise with moss dripping from their fingertips.

This Creator is sovereign over the universe and yet His pursuit went so far as to bottle up all that glory in a flesh covered vessel. He stepped out of eternity into time. As a man, just before pouring Himself out, He spoke of this object of His desire.

It’s you. He wants you. He knows you and yet still loves you. Deeply, intimately knows you. Right in the middle of your mess. Regardless of rebellion and sin, He chases you. He wants you to know Him like that. So many magnificent ways he chooses to reveal Himself to you. He longs to redeem you. Because Jesus.

Psalm 103, John 15:13, Hosea 7:13, 11:1-4, Jeremiah 31:20, Romans 5:8, John 17

What are your thoughts?

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