Brussels: make darkness hide

Brussels. What happened to you is ugly. I can imagine the horror because the images are so eerily similar to Paris, and San Bernandino, and New York City and so many other cities attacked with fear.  
Ugliness threatens to overwhelm. But God. Oh, don’t you see? Especially this week leading to Easter? This terror is the very reason Jesus died. We don’t have to have a spirit of fear, but instead one of power, love, and sound judgement. He conquered fear when He rose from the dead!
If you are a follower of Christ, PRAY. Ask the Lord to give you His heart and priorities. Quit sticking your head in the sand (a movie theater, a ball game, a job, whatever the next distraction). Make your life count for something! Be a light so men can see. We are at war. It’s not just ‘the western way of life’ that is being targeted by militant Islam. It is followers of Christ. Christians are being targeted and murdered. This persecution is genocide. 
There will be a day, soon, when you must decide whom you will follow. A politician? Self reliance? As for me, I’m going with the guy who rose from the dead. The Risen Christ will establish His eternal kingdom of beauty, justice, and compassion. 
Lord Jesus, we wait with expectation. We long for you. Come soon! 

What are your thoughts?

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