New Art Class

I’m thrilled to announce. . .

flyerStarting September 1, I’ll be teaching an art class at the new, gorgeous Atoka Town Hall. Working with my friend Cassi Yates, of Atoka Parks & Recreation fame, we’ve come up with an exciting 12-week art course for kids ages 6-13.

My darling daughter, Abby will join me in teaching this class. Together, we’ll lead students to experiment with different mediums and techniques including watercolor, chalk and oil pastels, and acrylic. Cost is $100/student. Students may opt to bring their own art supplies from home OR purchase a kit with all materials for $45.

Classes are Thursdays 4:00pm-5:30pm for 12 weeks from September 1 – November 17 and are open to children ages 6-13. We’ll meet in the Atoka Town Hall Board Room, located at 334 Munford-Atoka Avenue. At the end of the course, on Saturday November 19, we’ll have a Student Art Show.

Parents, register your children at by August 18.**EDIT: The deadline has been extended to August 25! We were able to confirm, supplies will arrive on time. Yay!** I’ve tried to anticipate every question you may have and answer it below. If you have any questions about this class, call/text me (901)568-3690 or use the contact form below.


How do I sign up?

Signing up is super easy using the website. Use the “Register For Art Classes” button and you’ll be directed to a register buttonwebsite where you can register your child(ren) and pay for the class. The system is safe and secure. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. If you wish to pay with Cash, Credit/Debit cards, or checks in person, you may do this as well. Just come by Atoka Town Hall Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

How does class enrollment work?

The class is 12 weeks from September 1 – November 17.  When you enroll your child(ren), (s)he will be enrolled for the entire course. You pay when you enroll your child(ren).  The course is $100.  This is a great price as it includes all instruction and studio time.  There is no registration fee. You may opt to purchase a supply kit for $45, or bring supplies from home. A list of all supplies can be found at the bottom of this post. You may pay with cash, debit/credit cards, and/or checks.

What fees are involved for classes?

A one time course fee of $100 is due at the beginning of the course. If you choose to purchase the supply kit, it’s and additional $45. This kit includes all materials that will be used for instruction during the class. If you opt not to purchase the supplies, you will be expected to bring supplies from home. I’m offering this option because some students have a well-stocked craft room at home.

Do you offer discounts for siblings?

I’m sorry, due to the limited space and low price, siblings are not eligible for a discount.

Are supplies included in the tuition price?

No. A supply kit may be purchased at time of registration for $45 (details at the bottom of the page). As I was researching and talking with other parents, I found that some kids have well stocked craft rooms at home. Perhaps your child already has all or most of the supplies, if that is the case you may opt not to purchase the kit. Each family may decide whether to bring supplies from home or purchase a kit.  This option is available for those that are just getting started or are ready for some new materials. There is a list of supplies included in the kit at the bottom of this page. If you opt not to purchase a kit, your child will still be responsible for bringing all supplies to class. I’m sorry, there will not be extra supplies available.

My child isn’t artistic; can they still take the course?

Yes, all children ages 6-13 are welcome! You don’t need to be the next Van Gogh to be part of the fun. This class is all about exploring the creative process.

What should my child wear to class?

Although most of our art supplies are washable, occasionally stains may be a little hard to remove.  So, it’s best to wear something that you don’t mind getting messy. Sometimes, that’s part of the fun!

Can parents stay during the classes?

I encourage artistic independence from my students, so I invite parents to use the time to run errands. There is also a foyer with a few chairs just outside the board room for parents to relax during class.

What happens if the class is full?

If our Thursday class fills up, I’ll be doing a happy dance then asking Cassi if we can add another day/time. It will depend on facilities availability. I’ll make announcements as soon as decisions are made.

What is included in the art supplies kit?

Each child may opt to purchase a supply kit for $45. These include all supplies needed for the entire 12-week course. If you opt not to purchase supplies, your child will still be responsible for bringing materials from home. I’m sorry, there will not be any extra materials available. The kit includes the following:

  • Drawing pencils
    • graphite pencils (8; 4H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B), sketching sticks (3), charcoal sticks (3), charcoal pencils (3), woodless graphite pencil (1)
  • white eraser (2)
  • kneadable eraser
  • oil pastels (24)
  • colored pencils (24)
  • chalk pastels (24)
  • watercolor cakes (24)
  • Mixing trays
  • sharpener (2)
  • sanding block
  • artist grade acrylic (12 tubes)
  • Field Sketch Book (5.5×8.5, 70lb, 80 sheets)
  • Watercolor Paper Pad (9×12, 90lb, 24 sheets)
  • Drawing Sketch Pad (5.5×8.5, 90lb, 30 sheets)
  • Canvas (8×10)
  • Paintbrushes (for acrylic and watercolor)
    • short handle brushes-#1,#2,#3,#4, &#5 pony round; #1,#3&#5 bristle round; 1/2″ bristle flat, 14″ & 1/2″ pony flat
    • long handle brushes – 2 pony round; 4 pony flat, 4 & 8 bristle flat
  • Palette
  • Color Mixing Wheel

If you have any further questions about this class, call/text me (901)568-3690 or use the contact form below.

What are your thoughts?

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