Monday: To complain, or nah.

It’s Monday. After Fall Break. Raise your hand if you went to bed last night knowing today was going to be tough. ✋

The kids will move like molasses in the winter. There will be Other People driving on the same roads we have to take.Someone will post an Opinion About The Election on FaceBook, we won’t agree. 👎Service at lunch will be s l o w. Our work friend will share a disturbing rumor. The clerk at the grocery store will need a price check and the shopper in front of us will write a check. A neighbor, bless their hearts, will put up weird Halloween decor. Our spouses will annoy us. Our children will make messes at alarming speed. 😞

Whatever the day brings. We’ll want to grumble about it. And we’ll likely have friends who want to jump on that complain train with us. 🚂 They’ll help us justify the way we feel. Hey, Mr. Grumpy Pants and Ms. Bitter Britches, stop. 🚫Then when your friends start, tell them to quit. 

As momma likes to say, “Act like you got some sense.” Stop to think about the gifts that we have. Kids. And cars. And jobs. And democracy. 🇺🇸And food. And a home. And family and friends. Stop whining, not because there’s nothing to complain about. But because we live in a crooked and perverse generation and *not complaining* makes us shine like stars.🌟 

I derail the train by turning up the music and singing along, it’s a joyful noise. Ha! Tell me something, how do you avoid it? Do you dance? Count your blessings? 

I love you, and so does Jesus. He does it better. -KT

What are your thoughts?

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