Too Much

“Is anything too hard for the Lord?” -Genesis 18:14

What a beautiful gift, these words! A healing salve spoken over the wounds of an elderly couple. An old woman whose womb was too barren to bare fruit. I imagine after all their years together the little flicker of hope for a family had burned out . . .maybe they even settled into a disappointed contentment. The idea was so…beyond…so BIG…that it brought on fits of laughter. A baby!? A SON!? Now? Ha! HaHa! Hahahahaha! 

Nod your head if you’ve resigned yourself to cynical bitterness about a ‘too much’ situation? I’ve got a few that just haunt me. You know, there’s just too much hurt. Too much time has passed. He’s too stubborn. She’s too mean.  

I need reassurance of God’s promises and His sovereignty. I don’t need empty platitudes. Just when I find myself teetering on the edge of giving up hope, there it is…this question: “Is anything to hard for the Lord?”
Is there a heart too hard for the One whose hands molded mountains? Is there a relationship too shattered for the One who binds up the broken? Is there a child too rebellious to be welcomed by a compassionate Father? A storm too fierce for the One who speaks peace? A night too dark for the Light? 
Do we dare get our hopes up? 

As for me, I’m praying and trusting with abandon. It’s worth it to surrender. 

Because: Jesus.

I love you, and so does Jesus. He does it better. -KT

What are your thoughts?

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