Blue Christmas

Tonight is the longest night of the year. In liturgical church there is a beautiful service for those that have experienced loss during the year. It’s called a “Blue Christmas”.

If you are grieving a loved one, tonight pause to remember them. Recall clearly, their faces, their voices, their bodies. Embrace the memories and give thanks that we have the memories to bind them to us.

If you experienced any loss this year…loss of relationships, loss of trust, loss of jobs, loss of health, loss of faith, the loss of joy. Acknowledge and embrace the pain of the past. Offer it to God and ask that into your wounded heart and open hands He will place the gift of peace, shalom.

Pause and remember the past weeks, months, and for some of us years, that have been heavy with our burdens. Accept and lay before God the sharpness of memory, the sadness and grief, the hurt and fear, the anger and pain.

Accept and lay before Him the ways you have fallen short, and the times you have spent blaming yourself and Him, for all that you have suffered. Accept and lay before Him the time you have walked alone, in darkness. In this season of expectation, we join all Creation and wait for the Light.

I love you, and so does Jesus. He does it better. -KT

What are your thoughts?

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