Everyone has a critic

Yesterday, Beth Moore wrote a letter to her brothers

Much of the criticism I have encountered in my role in ministry and church leadership has been voiced freely because I am a woman. Things have been said that never would have been uttered if I were a man in the same position. I have experienced mocking. Side eye. Dismissal. And worse. 

Beth wrote to our brothers. Many of my harshest critics are other women. To quote Beth: “Even criticism, as much as we all hate it, is used by God to bring correction, endurance and humility and to curb our deadly addictions to the approval of man.”  

I’m glad she wrote this. I know unity is so important. I prayerfully share her post hoping it won’t cause anyone to be defensive, rather repentant. As she asked, I echo: “I’m asking for your increased awareness of some of the skewed attitudes many of your sisters encounter. I’m asking that you would simply have no tolerance for misogyny and dismissiveness toward women in your spheres of influence. I’m asking for your deliberate and clearly conveyed influence toward the imitation of Christ in His attitude and actions toward women.”

What are your thoughts?

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