The lie of “I love Jesus, but. . .”

I love Jesus, but _____________ .

I keep seeing this phrase.  “I love Jesus, but I cuss a little” or just this week “I love Jesus, but I don’t like some of His people”.

I get that it’s an attempt to be funny and relevant. Hey, I’ve been open about my struggles with a stinky attitude and bad mouth.  I’ve giggled at the t-shirt and joked with other staff members saying:  “I’ve got a good heart, but this mouth….”
But when I talk about these issues I’m often trying really hard to convince myself that I’m just toeing the line. When what’s really happening is that I am glorifying sin.
These “I love Jesus but, …” statements reveal my arrogance. They are so telling about far I still have to go in this journey towards sanctification. When I say I don’t like some of His people – how ridiculous is that? They are annoying me with their opinions and therefore should be written off? I’m somehow better than them? Like what? He didn’t die for them, too? His life, death, and resurrection were great enough to save me but not enough to change me?

Good grief, Jesus told us we would be known as His disciples by our love for one another. (John 13:35) Heaven help me.

Ugh. I hate this about myself. I’m ashamed of my sin. I am a mess. I need a savior. Thank God I really do have One. He is enough.
I love Jesus. No buts. He’s enough. Just:

I love Jesus.

I love you, and so does Jesus. He does it better. -KT

What are your thoughts?

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