Media Stuff: Pray for Media

May 2nd, 2019 was the National Day of Prayer. Tipton County has one each year on the square, and this year due to rain we were inside the new Gateway Campus. I loved meeting people from all over the county. The organizer asked me to pray for media during the directed prayer time. I loved being able to serve in that way, (even though I was a little intimidated because all the others who prayed were pastors). Here’s my prayer:

Father God, I first want to thank you for the gift that is media. In our sin, we don’t always used that gift for good. Will you forgive us for that? In your sovereignty you have placed us here at a time when we have access to so much technology … so many tools with which to communicate the gospel. I pray that your church would be good stewards of that gift.

Lord, I know that many times we who are followers of Christ are portrayed in media as mean and hateful. Father, forgive us for the ways we have rightfully earned those stereotypes. Forgive me for the times I have chosen my own preferences over loving people. Forgive us our failed attempts to keep the law and even impose rules on others when we have such grace because of Jesus. Lord, I meet you here at your throne, asking for mercy. In this position of humble reliance on you, I pray that you move us individually to also seek forgiveness from ones we have hurt. Father, go before us and prepare hearts as we seek peace and unity in the name of Jesus for the furtherance of Your kingdom.

I pray for those that work in the media industry. Whether reporting the news, making content for social media, or even filming and photographing for art and entertainment – may all media creators be drawn to the truth.  May they be unsatisfied with rumors and bothered by innuendo. When they cry out for greater understanding, reveal Yourself to them. Bless those of us in media who have hearts for You and seek to walk in Truth.  Lord, I ask that you would place more believers with talent and skill in to the media industry. Give them places of influence and give them boldness for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Transform media outlets by Your hand to reflect honesty, objectivity, and fair coverage, so that all citizens may make wise and informed decisions. I pray that media will focus their efforts on things that bring honor to You and Your creation. Promote things that are just and fair, things that are pure, things that are lovely and commendable, things that are excellent, and things that are worthy of praise to You, God our Father. 

Give discernment to consumers of media. May we ALL take care how we listen. Expose lies and half-truths. For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light. May those who speak truth be clearly separated from those who do not. Reveal truth to us all. God, Your word is truth. Give us wisdom to nullify deception.   May the words of the deceitful fall away and bear no fruit. 

Media in all its forms has become a tool for violence. The darkness of mankind’s sin threatens to overwhelm, but we know that light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. Social Media in particular has given extremists a platform they broadcast and amplify their acts of terror. We recognize that You, oh Sovereign Creator do not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and sound mind.  So, when faced with discord and disunity, give us an eternal perspective. When we are confronted with unrighteousness, help us guard our hearts against cynicism and unbelief. May we be full of grace and truth as we demonstrate Your heart and Your ways in every interaction.

Father, give believers and churches favor with the media. Lord, because you have been so extravagant in your love, may we be absolutely brimming over with love for one other, for our communities, and indeed this world that You long to redeem. I ask that not so that we can gain prestige, but so that heaven will gain souls. And while our motivation isn’t to be noticed, may it be so remarkable that the media can not ignore it. 

Thank you for the fulfilled promise of the Holy Spirit. May those of us whom you have adopted as sons and daughters conduct ourselves in ways that honor You, Lord Jesus. I pray that we would be willing to lay down our very lives in order point others to the gospel. We trust and rely on Your power to accomplish Your will. I pray this in the perfect and matchless name of Jesus.

What are your thoughts?

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