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UPDATE: Now that registration is closed for our last semester of classes in 2017, some are asking: what’s next!? We are working with the Town of Atoka to see what is coming up…so stay tuned for updates about Art Classes in 2018!


*shiny new*
Art Classes for 2017!

I’m excited to once again partner with The Town of Atoka to present SIX new art classes this year.  Let’s get right to the details, shall we?
These classes will be 8 weeks long, 1 hour per week (so cool!). We’ll meet in the Board Room at the gorgeous (still pretty new) Atoka Town Hall. There are 2 classes per semester to choose from.
Abby, my darling daughter, and I have been working closely with our friend, Cassi Yates of Atoka Parks & Recreation fame, to develop  3 exciting semesters of classes for 2017. There’s LOTS of information on this page, including Class Schedule & Description, Juicy Details, and FAQs. So, take a deep breath then spend a few moments perusing the info.  Then register your child or you can let me know if you have a question.

2017 Class Schedule

SPRING CLASSES: April 3 – May 24 + Art Show on May 25

Registration for Spring Classes are now closed.
Spring Classes: “What Do Artists Do?” & “Drawing 1”
Class descriptions for 2017 classes located here. 

SUMMER CLASSES: June 5 – July 31 + Art Show on August 3

Registration for Summer Classes are now closed.
Summer Classes: “What Do Artists See?”, “Drawing 1” and “Drawing 2”
Class descriptions for2017 classes located here. 

FALL CLASSES: September 11- November  8 +Art Show November 9


Registration is now closed for Fall Classes!
Fall Classes: “Where Do We See Art?”, “Drawing 1” and “Drawing 2”
Class descriptions for2017 classes located here. 



Juicy Details


How do I sign up?

Signing up is super dee duper easy using the website. Use this “Register register buttonFor Art Classes” button (the picture over in the right side column) and you’ll be directed to a website where you can register your child(ren) and pay for the class. The system is safe and secure. You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. If you wish to pay in person with cash, credit/debit cards, or checks, you may do this as well. Just come by Atoka Town Hall Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

How does class enrollment work?

Each class is 1 hour for 8 weeks. When you enroll your child(ren), (s)he will be enrolled for the entire course. You pay when you enroll your child(ren).  The course tuition is $60.  This is a great price as it includes all instruction and studio time.  There is no registration fee. You may opt to purchase a supply kit, or bring supplies from home. A list of all supplies can be found above along with the schedule and description for each class. You may pay with cash, debit/credit cards, and/or checks.

What fees are involved for classes?

A one time course fee of $60 is due at registration. If you choose to purchase the supply kit, it’s and additional fee. Check out the class description for details about the required supplies. This kit includes all materials that will be used for instruction during the class. If you opt not to purchase the supplies, students will still be expected to bring supplies from home. The kit is optional because some students have a well-stocked craft room at home. Having all supplies at every class is NOT optional. Supplies are REQUIRED at every class. There will be no extra supplies available. If the student does not have the necessary supplies, (s)he will be sent home. This will make us all very sad. Please bring your child’s supplies to class. Mmkay, thanks!

Do you offer discounts for siblings?

I’m sorry, due to the limited space and low price, siblings are not eligible for a discount.

Are supplies included in the tuition price?

Nope. A supply kit may be purchased at time of registration. Details about the kits are listed in the class description above. In my experience, some young artists have well stocked craft rooms at home. Perhaps your child already has all or most of the supplies, if that is the case you may opt not to purchase the kit. Each family may decide whether to bring supplies from home or purchase a kit.  This option is available for those that are just getting started or are ready for some new materials. If you opt not to purchase a kit, your child will still be responsible for bringing all supplies to class. I’m sorry, there will not be extra supplies available. Supplies are required at every class. If the student does not have the necessary supplies, (s)he will be sent home.

My child isn’t artistic; can they still take the course?

Yes! All children are welcome! Children are inherently full of wonder and imagination. Their creativity may surprise you. This class is all about exploring the creative process.

What should my child wear to class?

Although most of our art supplies are washable, occasionally stains may be a little hard to remove.  So, it’s best to wear something that you don’t mind getting messy. Sometimes, that’s part of the fun!

Can parents stay during the classes?

I encourage artistic independence from my students, and I invite parents to use the time to run errands, use the kid-free time to read a couple chapters, watch an episode of Gilmore Girls, or catch up on chores. There is also a foyer with a few chairs just outside the conference room for parents to relax during class. However you choose to spend the hour, I hope you enjoy it. Bottom line: no I’d rather parents didn’t stay. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see the work they are creating. There’s an art show at the end of each 8 week course. At that time the students will show off their work. How cool is that? So cool.

What happens if the class is full?

We are offering the classes 1 night a week. If they fill up, I’ll be doing a happy dance! Then I’ll ask Cassi if we can add another day/time. It will depend on facilities availability. I’ll make announcements as soon as decisions are made.

What is included in the art supplies kit?

The full description of each kit is included in the course description above. I’m also listing it below for quick reference. Each child may opt to purchase the supply kit necessary for the class in which they are enrolled. These include all supplies needed for the entire 8-week course. You’ll notice some of the courses use the same kit over and over. So, consider this an investment in your child’s art career. As the year progresses, additional consumable material like paper pads and sketch books will be available for purchase. BTW: I’ll always offer supplies to you at my cost. If you opt not to purchase supplies, your child will still be responsible for bringing materials from home. I’m sorry, there will not be any extra materials available.

Student Kit 1 is required for the Kindergarten – 3rd classes: “What Do Artists Do?”, “What Do Artists See?”, “Where Do We See Art?”.
Student Kit 2 is required for the Ages 9 and up classes: “Drawing 1: The Basic Elements”. “Drawing 2: Composition”, “Color 1: The Color Wheel”, and Color 2: Composition (Date TBA!).
Student Kit 3 is required for Ages 9 and up class: “Drawing 2: Composition”.
Student Kit 4 is required for ages 9 and up class: “Color 1: Color Wheel”, and “Color 2: Composition” (coming in 2018).

What/When/Where are the Color 1 & 2 classes I see referenced?

In the Supply Kits above, you see mentioned the “Color 1 & 2” classes. Also, you may notice there is a “Drawing 1”, a “Drawing 2” class…but where are the “Color 1” and “Color 2” classes? Well. . .it’s coming soon! We’ve worked to develop these 3 semesters of classes for 2017. When finalizing this schedule, there were many factors to consider including school schedules, holidays, and other Town events, to name a few! We’re thrilled to offer these classes and, depending on response, we’ll add more in 2018. When we’ve ironed out the details (heard from you)…we’ll make some decisions and let you know here on my website and also on

The Color 1: Color Wheel class begins an in-depth study of color. Students will journey through an ordered and progressive exploration of color. We’ll examine the color wheel and cover topics like primary and secondary colors, neutral colors, and analogous colors. They’ll develop skills in working from observation, memory, and imagination. Students will create original works of art and display it in a student art show at the end of the 8 weeks course.

The Color 2: Composition class will be open to ages 9 and up. It will be a follow up class to Color 1. Students will combine the fundamental elements of color to create original compositions. We’ll look at works by major artists and how they used the elements. Students will begin to gain an understanding of balance, rhythm, depth, point of view, and emphasis. Students will create original works of art and will display it in a student art show at the end of the 8 week course.

What are the pre-requisites for these classes?

The Kindergarten – 3rd classes have no pre-requisites. Each course stands alone. Students may register for any of these without taking another course first.

Drawing 2 is a follow-up class to Drawing 1. This means that Drawing 1 is required before Drawing 2.

Color 2 is a follow-up class to Color 1. This means that Color 1 is required before Color 2.

Drawing 1 and 2 classes are not required for the Color 1 and 2 classes.

Will you offer classes for younger or older children?

Maybe. This all depends on interest! As ‘they’ say: stay tuned for details.

Click here to register for classes.

If you have any further questions about this class, call/text Kelley at (901)568-3690 or use the contact form below.