Before and After – Vanity Bench

vanity bench before

We found this little beauty on a ‘junking’ excursion.vanity bench leg before

The wood was covered in not a few spiders and their webs. Gross. vanity bench fabric before

Yes. The fabric corners really were like this.
I can’t imagine that they just came loose…my guess is whomever recovered it just didn’t get around to finishing.vanity bench remove fabric

I flipped the bench over to remove the old fabric.vanity bench one thousand staples and tacks

Aproximately 240 staples and tacks held that fabric to the bench.vanity bench foam top before

After removing the old fabric, I decided to toss the foam. It was rather smelly. P. U.vanity bench top pre sand

After removing the foam, there was lots of glue and left over styrofoam.


vanity bench 80 sand paperI used 80 grit on my little hand sander because it didn’t need to be super smooth. Lower number = coarser grit. Higher number = finer grit. I use 120 or higher on a finishing sanding process.vanity bench top post sand

It removed all the ice rather nicely.vanity bench paint peacock

Peacock blue. I can’t stop using this color. It’s like my addiction to New Avocado.

vanity bench post paint

And now the after shot of the paint. This was a simple dry brush, no wax, no distress. Perfect result!

vanity bench tools

These are the tools I use to reupholster. Primarily: the stapler (and hand strength to squeeeeeze it). The others are for the occasional staple I have to pull out and reposition. vanity bench after 4

I’m still so in love with this fabric! I use these colors in all over our home. This was a beautiful renewal!