Furniture Renewal: Here a chair, there a chair. . .


We have chairs in our kitchen, chairs in our dining room, and chairs in our school room.

The ones in the school room started to break. They were cheap spindle back chairs, not worth fixing.

The 4 chairs in the kitchen are 3rd generation ladder back chairs.  They are adorable and misery to sit in.  I recovered the cane seats with burlap (hence-adorable). We had been on the lookout for something to replace them all year when I found these:


Let me tell you their story. a navy guy bought them thirtyish years ago.  He has moved them all over the country.  The leg/back broke on one of them during their 2nd move.  As you can see, the cane seating was removed.  We drove 45 minutes each way to buy them for only $50 (squeal!). When we got them home, we found another leg needed repair and the wood on each of them was bleached to varying degrees.  Well, needless to say they needed some TLC!

I found this fabric:

IMG_3175Yes. I know. Gorgeous.

Like the kind of pretty that makes you turn you stop and stare.

Go ahead, drool over it a while.  I still do. Sigh.

Well we Scott removed all the old pieces of cane seating, some stickers (price tags?) and began building new seats.

Then we I painted, sanded, and waxed those bad boys.  WHEW!

Finally, we covered the seats with foam and the beautiful fabric.

The result:

chair final

BT Dubs: it takes a lot more time to re-do chairs than any of the other pieces I’ve worked on.  It was totally worth it, but a huge investment of time and energy. I love them. I think they are happy to be in their new home, too.

Now, what to do with the ladder back chairs…hmmm?