Herringbone Jewelry Chest

Hang a disco ball!
Fire the confetti cannons!
Cause it’s time for a party!

That’s how I felt when I talked to Stephanie about painting her jewelry box.

The first time I saw it, it looked like this:


It was hanging in the garage at her mommas house.

Her mom is my dear friend Jennie. It’s my blog and I can write what I want to (write what I want to!), so let me tell you about Jennie. She is a short, sweet, strong lady. Jennie is always going to battle and her weapon is prayer. I thank God for her ministry of teaching, encouragement, and PRAYER!

Well, Jennie’s husband built this chest for their daughter.

Be impressed. It’s SOLID and SO DETAILED!

I’ll admit as I rolled out the streamers in prep for this party, I was a bit nervous.

Painting something handcrafted…and in such a BOLD pattern…well, I gulped down my fear and forged ahead.

So turn on the music and let the dancing begin.


Awww yeah!

I know, it’s just too much for some of you.

But, since this is a part-ay, go with it!
Slide over to the buffet for some fizzy punch and salty snacks.


After painting the box a chippy gold, the doors were painted a suh-weet spa blue. Be honest, is it too much color for you? This color palette is so much fun. I say, if you want to be brave with a pattern, try it on something like this. A statement piece is a great way to be brave. AND, since it is paint, it can easily be changed.


Next, I drew rhombus shapes on the panel insets of the doors.
Then the rhombuses (rhombi?) were painted in alternating colors of yellow, gray, and white. So trendy, I love it.
After free handing it, I cleaned up the shapes with a detail brush. I wanted the lines to be really crisp even with the paint being chippy.


What is a rhombus? So glad you asked.
The homeschool mom in me must share.
Ahem: “A rhombus has 4 sides of equal length. Opposite sides are parallel, and opposite angles are equal.”

See, Drew & Abby, learning can be fun! Especially at a party.



There’s plenty of room for all kinds of sparkle!

Those of you that have followed my Furniture Renewal adventures (Hi mom!) may recognize the pattern and colors.
Stephanie was inspired by this piece:

This trendy little table measures 48"x26" and is bout 18" tall.  Only $50 for this beauty!

Judging by its popularity on Pinterest, some of you like it too.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the party!
Be sure to eat a piece of cake before you go.
Don’t forget your parting gift,
here’s a link to Furniture Renewals on Pinterest.
Check it out for more inspiration!

I’d love to renew something for you. Check out this page for more information.