Newlywed’s Cabinet

This is the sneak peak I shared on my Facebook page earlier in the week.
I know you want to see more!

mary's cabinet

Brad & Mary are newlyweds trying to make their house a home!
This beautiful piece belonged to Brad’s grandmother.
They agreed it needed a little updating.
Enjoy this renewal:


On the bottom portion, only the 2 outer doors open.
On the upper part, only the middle. It required some creative maneuvering to get everything covered because, yes, I painted the inside.
The upper portion had glass shelves. I CAREFULLY removed them to paint.
Really all of that is about holding your tongue right. And holding your breath when removing the glass. 😉



The details on this piece are gorgeous! I love the transformation with just a coat of paint!


Mary chose to keep the knobs on this piece. I think it was a great decision!


After the paint, it was time for a little wax:



Don’t you love how it highlights the details?



I had to leave it unstacked to dry, so I didn’t get to see the finished cabinet.
Mary sent these photos and I actually started clapping.
I’m so proud of how well it turned out!






Brad and Mary, best wished on your marriage.
You are such an adorable couple! I pray you have many years of love and blessings.
Thanks for the opportunity to renew your furniture.

What about you!? Do you have hand-me-down furniture that needs a fresh new look? What about your cabinets?
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