Painted Cabinets, Heart Renewal

Painting cabinets totally changes a kitchen, and since the kitchen is the heart of the home…it’s kinda like a heart transplant for your house, right? I know, I have funny logic. It’s the world of home decor according to KT. You don’t have to agree, but I hope you smile. Now, on to photos…


wet bar before

It’s a pretty, warm cabinet color. but Tommy & Christine also have stained/etched concrete floors and bread basket colored walls. In their words “BROWN. Everything is BROWN.”

sink before

They wanted something, fresh and light.

stove before

These cabinets are HUGE! Can you tell how tall they are?

over microwave before

And this LOOOOOOONG bar has a row of cabinets underneath it. LOTS of cabinets = LOTS of BROWN.


When I began meeting with them and discussing color, they were also choosing wall color.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: choosing color is so hard! (Also, can’t not comment on the adorableness of Christine’s shoes and nail polish.)

On top of that, most couples don’t have the EXACT same style vision. In this case, he likes ultra-contemporary, clean lines, WHITE, WHITE, WHITE! And she is quite a bit more shabby chic. I think you’ll agree the BEAUTY of these styles as blended in their cabinet renewal.

duke cabinet before during

cabinet paint listThis is the photo I shared on my FaceBook page. I took this after the first day of painting. This is their wet bar area. You can see it already makes a DRAMATIC difference. Definitely lightening up the room. I love it!

Wait. First day, you say!? Why, yes! FIRST DAY. This whole project: wet bar & kitchen took just over 3 days. WOWZA! Yup. Because of the process I use, it is so much quicker! Some will say you have to remove the doors and drawers then strip, sand and prime. I say: NO WAY!



The only prep work is PICKING A COLOR (so hard!), I leave the doors & drawers ON while painting. I did some light sanding after 2 coats to give Christine that shabby look she wanted.

So basically: PAINT, WAX, BUFF! That’s it!

It is finished!

And in case you are wondering, is this a durable finish? Yes! The wax gives a  hard, durable, oil-less, BEAUTIFUL,  hand rubbed lustre to the finished surface.

Here it is with the handles and knobs replaced:

wet bar after

Now for the kitchen:

prep area 2

The white appeals to Tommy’s ultra modern taste while the lightly sanded doors and drawers pleased Christine.

prep area 1

sink 2

drawer detail

prep area after 2

door closeup 2

door closeup 1

Oh, and for my FAVORITE part? Under the stove they choose to shake things up with another color!!

stove during

That’s their adorable little girl about to run in front of my lens.
Here’s a photo with the knobs:

stove after 1

Yes, I know. It’s stunning.

stove after 3

Christine wants to do something fun with the knobs under the stove. I sent her to Hobby Lobby (40% of coupon!) to check out their selection. Which one do you think?

knob thrree

I wish she could pick all 3.

knob white

knob yellow

knob dark

Do you have a favorite?

After the cabinets were finished, they got SERIOUS about choosing paint color.


The little sign on the table was created as a ‘thank you’ by yours truly. It’s the same color as the cabinets under the stove.

Drom roll…. The went with the last on the right, with the butter (behind the sign) as an accent color. Here is is in process:





I promise to post more as they become available. In the meanwhile, how about sharing your thoughts? What do you think of this renewal? If you could paint your cabinets, what color would you choose?

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