Laundry Room Re-do

Funny Story…

My dryer broke.

Wait, it gets better.

We hit up Craig’s List (sketchy, I know) and bought a dryer from an appliance delivery guy.  He’d removed the unit from a house while installing a newer one.  He ran it for us out in his garage, showing it got hot and made a loud noise (the dryer, not the guy). He told us a couple times, “I don’t work on ‘em I just move em.”


When we got it home, and installed it in our teeny, tiny, echoey laundry room it did indeed make a horrible sound.  Imagine those long plastic fake nails on a chalk board. But  the volume of a jet.

But, the clothes were dry.

Hilarious, right!?


Well, hubby took it apart to determine if he could fix it.  Well, he found a gold chain in it!! We sold that sucker for 150 clams!! Woo-hoo!! Now it works wonderfully and runs quietly.

Now that you are a-smiling, lets get on to the re-do, shall we? All the cabinets in our house are DARK.  Pretty.  But in a small space….

cabinet before

I’ve been wanting to try painting cabinets for a while.  But, what if they turned out ugly? What if I hated them? Could I go back and change them?  How hard is it to paint cabinets?  Home improvement stores sell multi-step, expensive kits. I didn’t want to spend tons of dough and time on it. (The American way, right?) Well…after my fancy ‘new’ dryer and the fifty dollar profit, I was feeling pretty confident. So I did it!!


cabinet after

So glad I did!! This is the result of 1 coat ASCP duck egg + clear wax. I lightly sanded and applied a very thin coat to let some of the dark show throw.  I confess, I fold clothes in my laundry room now just to admire the cabinets. 🙂

What’s next? Maybe the bathroom...

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