Trash to Treasured Trash


I was 19 when Scott and I were registering for wedding gifts.  My tastes have definitely changed for the better. Not my taste for him.  He is still yummy. Anyway, this little waste basket has been in our bathroom for the past 15 years. It is a good representation of my former home decor taste:

garbage before

Flowers. Lots of flowers.  A testament to how much Scott loves me.  He let me pick these flowers. Our comforter was covered in them and the matching towels were cream with a little ruffle of the same flower pattern. Wow.  Anyway….

I’ve wanted to try my hand at renewing fabric.  Here are the results:

garbage after

Love it! No more flower garden waste basket.

Scotty hung these shelves in the water closet and it’s found a new home:

garbage after 2

Doesn’t that look better!? The fabric is still as soft and flexible as before.  (There is a plastic insert that sets inside for the trash.)

I  really want to do a BIG project. I have some pillows…hmmm?

And, is it wrong of me to say this: I have a dear friend with an unfortunate green/yellow chair.    I wonder….

What about you? Do you have fabric you want to paint? Learn how!