Treasure Hunt

This was my fortune Sunday:


Wanna see an example of treasure?  I even painted it gold.

Last week, we rescued a decrepit console table from the curb (nothing unusual about that!).  Sadly, I have NO photos of it before Scott finished demolishing it.  But, happy day! I have the first bit of it renewed.

The drawer front has now become this:

drawer front

Gorgeous.  After painting and distressing I popped the knobs back on.

Now, I just gotta figure out where to put it.

drawer front 2

Kitchen? It’d be perfect for hanging aprons.  Or drying herbs.

drawer front 3

Bathroom? Those sturdy knobs would easily hold towels.

drawer front 5

Bedroom? Hang necklaces?

drawer front 4

By the back door?  I could add a couple more hooks and it’d be a great ‘catch-all’ for hats, scarves, and purses

Or. . .maybe I’ll offer it for sale in the upcoming MINA market?

Thanks for reading!  I want to hear from you – where do you most need hooks?

Can I turn your  ‘nothing unusual’ furniture into treasure?