Emergency Furniture Surgery

We inherited this cedar chest. The top was in really bad shape and in need of renewal.

chest before 4

You may notice it is missing a right front leg. When my Mover (my 15 yo son) relocated it to the studio (sunroom), it lost a leg. The stress of moving can just be too much, y’all.

Not going to lie, when it happened I sucked in all the air in the room.


Then I laughed at Drew because it scared him a little.

Next, I set about fixing it.

chest before 6

It was touch-and-go for a while.  For my son, not for the chest.  I knew how to fix that. Hey, y’all know what? I could totally call myself a ‘surgeon’.  Since I’m not a magician.  I could wear scrubs!

chest before 5

Using my skilled hands, surgery commenced. Nurse, hand me some wood glue!  I wish. There was no nurse.  I don’t even have an assistant.  But let’s be real: I couldn’t pay anyone.

Anyway, after gluing the leg and securing it with wood screws, I had to clamp it. “It’s always a good idea to use clamps when gluing.” -Bob Vila (or maybe that was Norm Abrams?).  After operating on the severed limb, I then tightened or replaced the screws on the other legs, too. The glue had to set for 24 hours. I took lots of photos of the top to share with you since I couldn’t get right to painting.

chest before 3

chest before 2

chest before 1

Here she is all painted up:

chest during 1

Look at that inset piece on the front.  Somehow with all the damage done to every other surface, that piece was still in fantastic shape, so I didn’t paint it.

Now, some details about the rest of the renewal:

I paid $1.25 for the quart of this mis-tint color. (High-fives self). I added plaster-of-paris to  the paint to ‘chalk’ it.

chest during 2

I distressed this chest pretty heavily.  I really wanted it to be shabby.

chest during 3

I used clear & dark wax on it to richen the color. Beautiful!

chest after 2

chest after 3

chest after 1

Thus ends another story of renewal.

Can we talk about these pumpkins?

Bumpy.  I love them.  They remind me of a book, The Bumpy Little Pumpkin, my daughter loved when she was 6 years old. We read that book over and over! We don’t usually carve our pumpkins.  I keep them till after Thanksgiving.  When we put up a Christmas wreath, I get rid of the punkins (which is the proper way to pronounce that specific gourd.)

What about you? Do you carve a jack-o-lantern?