Painted Pillows

We bought a couple of white-ish sofas because I love changing the look of a room by simply changing pillows.  The pillows it came with were red-striped.

Cute, but not what I wanted (for now!).

pillow beforeSweet Sadie ‘helped’ with this project.

So after painting the trash can, I decided to try my hand at some more fabric.

pillow during

These are the finished products:

pillow collage 2pillow collage 1

They aren’t as soft as they once were, but I believe they will be very durable.

pillow after 3

The pillows kinda feel like an ‘outdoor’ material, hmmm maybe I could put them outside?

pillow after 1

I only painted one side of each of them, the back is the same whitefish/cream of the sofas.

pillow after 4

I believe I’ll do the other sides soon.  .  .  . Unless I change my mind and paint over these.

pillow after 2

My process: homemade chalked paint (using plaster of paris method) and finished with Vax.

What is your favorite way of changing the look in a room?

If you want to learn more about the method, I’d love for you to join me for a class! Or I can customize your pillows.