Smile! It increases your face value

Do y’all love before and after pictures as much as I do?

I hope so. When I’m woking on something and taking photos, I think of you and smile.

A sweet lady who took my class in June has taken what she learned and renewed  a whole bushel of furniture. High-five, Michelle!!  Today I’m sharing one of her more stunning pieces.

chelle before

Check out that before. It’s not too funky from the front. But the top.  Oh my.  It’s like a really bad hair day.  You know when you are fixing your hair and start praying the salon can fit you in, like, today.

chelle before 2

chelle after 2

Well lucky for this little lady, Michelle had the time, vision, and skills to get her all fixed up.

I mean, come on! I told y’all. Skills. Are you feeling like, hmm. Maybe I could do this.

chelle after 3

I love everything about this piece.  Isn’t it great when you can re-use hardware and it turns out so perfect? Oh, and you haven’t even seen the best part yet!

"This is so exciting. I feel like I am present at the creation."

Wow-za!  No more bad hair days. EVER!

chelle after

I hope you enjoyed all these photos!! Now, are you ready to sign up for a class?

Okay, bonus points if you can name my favorite hairstylist.  Hint: The title of this post and the photo captions are all her quotes.