Gateway Tipton – An Archive

I found a fun tool, a Wayback Machine for websites, This internet archival provides periodic snapshots going waaayyy back! So for fun, I’ve checked out Gateway’s page over the years. We’ve come a long way.


May 2008 – At this point Gateway hired a company to build the website. I had lots of frustration with editing the website. The company had a cumbersome and expensive user experience. Soon after, I began investigating how *I* could administer the website.

April 2013 – Early on in my undertaking of this website design, I used a blog as the front page. I’ve since learned, the front page of a church website is for VISITORS. People that are not already connected with the church want to know information about service times, what to expect on a first visit, and they want info on the staff.  P.S. Also, I’m in that photo! That’s when we went to Colombia to serve with our darling friends Jeff & Erin. Jeff is now on staff at Gateway as the Associate Pastor of Missions.

June 2014 – Those buttons connected to different pages/emphasis at the time. The cartoonish/clip-art design is so bad, it hurts my eyes.

May 2015 – Ah, this is a little better. Two years ago, I was crazy about these fonts. I look at them now and cringe a little. I know…I know…I’m being critical. But it’s my own work, so I have permission. It’s funny how design trends change-especially fonts and overlays.

December 2016 1.png

Decemeber 2016 2.png
December 2016  (bottom) | As of this writing, this is pretty close to what the website looks like now. I’m making a list of changes I’d like to do this year.

That ends the way back portion of this post. Hey, if I can help you with a website project, let me know! It’s probably easier than you think!


What are your thoughts?

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