What I Did This Summer

As has been my habit, I don’t post quite as much during the summer because a bulk of my volunteer work at church takes place during these busy months. This year, even more so as we took our VBS off campus and into the community with Back Yard Kids Clubs. With nearly every week this summer and a few weekends, there hasn’t been much time for renewing furniture. We also squeezed in a family reunion.


One of the DIY projects we completed early in the summer was hanging lights on our patio. Scott had to build the railings to hang it. It’s been an unseasonably cool summer so we’ve enjoyed a very many nights outside!

Cool nights on the cool patio! Memories made.



As a matter of fact, July 4 was in the 70s! Our church partners with the Town to host the annual Independence Day Celebration. We had free food and fireworks which brought people out in droves. Praise the Lord for the gorgeous weather! I spent a few weeks consumed with the planning of that event! Hop on over to this link for more info on that event. 


My nephew spent a week with us. ‘Cousin Camp’ is always a highlight of the summer. He had just returned from Puerto Rico, so he was a bit tired but we managed to visit a Kids Club and go to the Children’s Museum.

My heart is so full! I think it actually grows the more I spend time with these people (Sadie too!).


Our family from North Carolina came to Memphis for a basketball tournament. We drove down to spend a lovely afternoon together.

The Bar-B-Que Shop is some of the best in Memphis!


AND FINALLY! Scott and I filled up the truck with ‘junk’ (TREASURE!) from a friend’s storage sheds.

Yes, sheds. Plural! We had 2 truck loads and I left a lot behind. And, oh goodness gracious I’ll be back! Some of the things we’ll keep, but a majority I’ll renew to sell with a portion going back to him. I love working for trade!

We shoulda strapped granny to one of the rockers on top!

Amid the junk I found 2 beautiful panel doors and 2 sets of louvered doors.

The doors had mildew, water damage, and rotted wood.


Yes. I used this color AGAIN. Because I LOVE it!

A LOT of cleaning. A little paint. And we have this:






More projects to come! What did YOU do this summer?